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Our Weird Name

It has a purpose, we swear. The phylum "Euarthropoda" is the most diverse, containing roughly 75% of all animals on Earth. Our goal at Arthropod is the same: to include a diverse group of creative minds in our literary phylum.

What We'll Read

Everything! And not in the way that your friend says "I listen to everything" then complains when you turn on "Cattle Decapitation." We accept submissions for Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Essays, Visual Art, and more! 

Payment for Writers

As a fully independent journal, we cannot provide compensation for writers at this time. Our goal is to offer payment as soon as possible. Paying writers will come before profit, but at this time we are unable to compensate for submissions.


The Arthropod Team


Keegan Bosch (they/them)

Founder; Editor in Chief


Emma Bleker (she/her)

Poetry Editor

Coming Soon

Nadia Steck (she/her)

Nonfiction Editor


Alexandra Rambo


Managing Editor

Benjamin Woodman


Staff Artist

Monica Clark


Poetry and Creative Nonfiction 


Have a piece that you think is the perfect fit for us? Click the button below to see our full submission guidelines. We look forward to reading your work and appreciate you considering Arthropod a fitting home for your art!

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Publishing Honest, Innovative, Diverse Art.


Coming Soon
Volume One No. 2
Coming September 2021


To submit work to Arthropod, please visit us at https://arthropod.submittable.com

For other inquiries, use the contact information below. 

Tel: 989-492-0139 | arthropodlit@gmail.com

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